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Tim was part of Digital Collections' Research & Development team from 1999 to 2017. He is an expert for Metadata and Thesauri.

In April this year, we kicked off our DC Lab and set out to plan and build a new DC-X user interface, and to learn a lot on the way. Ole Olsen, Pascal Rohde, Carsten Schütte, an external designer and I worked on the visual design together. After a few months, we had beautiful design drafts […]

In our “DC Lab”, we’re working on a new user interface for our DC-X Digital Asset Management system. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the first prototype built in October 2016. No release date yet, and everything subject to change 🙂

Hier bei Digital Collections (DC) läuft es prima, wir haben viel zu tun! Viele Kundenprojekte bedeuten – so ist das in der “Enterprise Software”-Welt – viel Handarbeit: Beratung, Datenmigration, Konfiguration, kundenspezifische Features, Integration und “Ausrollen” in der Produktion. Aber dabei ergeht es uns so wie vielen Software-Entwicklern, die permanent viel Arbeit auf dem Tisch haben: Kurzfristig […]

Digital Asset Management systems are not much fun on their own – their real value is in helping data flow between all content-related systems with ease. Many of our customers are using our DC-X DAM product as the central content hub, in conjunction with Web Content Management systems, editorial systems, mobile apps, accounting systems and others. To […]

The article Challenge of Scale Part 7 – Digital Asset Management by Real Story Group’s Theresa Regli reminds me that our DAM software DC-X is quite good at “scalability”. What does that mean? The article lists many challenges, here’s some notes on three aspects: The article talks of “hundreds of thousands or millions of digital […]

My brother, an ambitious hobby photographer, asked me to set up a website for him showcasing his photography. He had already bought XML Photography Template, a Flash app configured through (usually static) XML files. (No, I’m not a friend of Flash-only websites, I hope we can fix this later…) Photos are best handled by our […]

Using DC-X as blog software is not exactly what we had in mind when we built it (since it’s an enterprise-grade DAM system). But it’s a nice experiment that helps me test new DC-X releases, and it works well enough: My personal link weblog has been powered by DC-X for a few weeks now. Here’s […]

It’s an exception, but sometimes we do add a tiny feature to DC-X without a customer having asked for it, just for exploration… In that spirit, I have integrated a simple QR code display action that you can use to „beam“ a DC-X document onto your smartphone. We’re using the Google Chart API to generate […]

Usage rights for images – and other types of assets like video – are a tricky, but important part of Digital Asset Management. Am I allowed to use this image for my publication, under which conditions, and will I have to pay for it? Are there any restrictions? A DAM system must help answer these […]

Being a few months into a medium-sized DC-X installation, I’d like to share a few real-world numbers regarding image and text import speed. During mass import runs, the system had a relatively high load but was still usable. I’m quite happy with the performance so far: 50,000 images imported per hour (off-the-shelf DC-X importer); includes […]