Using DC-X as blog software is not exactly what we had in mind when we built it (since it’s an enterprise-grade DAM system). But it’s a nice experiment that helps me test new DC-X releases, and it works well enough: My personal link weblog has been powered by DC-X for a few weeks now.

Here’s a screenshot of the DC-X interface I’m using to create and edit blog posts, next to the custom blog design shown to the world:

The best thing about this is that I can use the DC-X Firefox add-on to archive (as HTML, extracted text, and a screenshot) the web pages I’m blogging about. They’re stored in DC-X, linked to the blog post, so when the web page is gone I still have a copy for reference.

Which posts are being published is determined through the standard DC-X „Usage“ information, i.e. I can remove posts from the public site just by removing the „published“ status in DC-X.

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