Nina Drewes

The DC team had a very special company outing this summer: cycling along the seaside, playing volleyball at the beach and having a really nice dinner with ocean view! Here are some impressions.

Tim Strehle

The article Challenge of Scale Part 7 – Digital Asset Management by Real Story Group’s Theresa Regli reminds me that our DAM software DC-X is quite good at “scalability”. What does that mean? The article lists many challenges, here’s some notes on three aspects: The article talks of “hundreds of thousands or millions of digital […]

Thomas Wülfken

Since the change from Oracle Text to Apache Solr/Lucene 1.4 in DC-X, time has passed and Solr 1.4 is now considered “old” software. (To be fair, it is a very stable version, running successfully on our customer’s DC-X systems.) Solr 1.4 has been succeeded by the 3.x branch. The current release 3.6 contains a lot […]

Tim Strehle

My brother, an ambitious hobby photographer, asked me to set up a website for him showcasing his photography. He had already bought XML Photography Template, a Flash app configured through (usually static) XML files. (No, I’m not a friend of Flash-only websites, I hope we can fix this later…) Photos are best handled by our […]

Tim Strehle

Using DC-X as blog software is not exactly what we had in mind when we built it (since it’s an enterprise-grade DAM system). But it’s a nice experiment that helps me test new DC-X releases, and it works well enough: My personal link weblog has been powered by DC-X for a few weeks now. Here’s […]

André Widhani

There is a new DC-X virtual machine on our WebDAV Server. It replaces the existing virtual machine that is based on Debian 4.0. Two thirds of our existing DC-X customers use Red Hat Enterprise Linux (the remaining installations use SUSE Enterprise Linux, Debian / Ubuntu is not being used on production systems afaik) – and […]

Tim Strehle

It’s an exception, but sometimes we do add a tiny feature to DC-X without a customer having asked for it, just for exploration… In that spirit, I have integrated a simple QR code display action that you can use to „beam“ a DC-X document onto your smartphone. We’re using the Google Chart API to generate […]


In Hamburg findet heute zum zweiten Mal das scoopcamp statt. Organisiert und veranstaltet wird die Konferenz, die sich im weitesten Sinne mit Journalismus und dem Social Web beschäftigt, von Hamburg@Work und der dpa. Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere im letzten Jahr, gibt’s 2010 die Neuauflage des Journalisten-Events für die Online-Welt. Hier erfahren Sie alles über die […]

Tim Strehle

Usage rights for images – and other types of assets like video – are a tricky, but important part of Digital Asset Management. Am I allowed to use this image for my publication, under which conditions, and will I have to pay for it? Are there any restrictions? A DAM system must help answer these […]

Tim Strehle

Being a few months into a medium-sized DC-X installation, I’d like to share a few real-world numbers regarding image and text import speed. During mass import runs, the system had a relatively high load but was still usable. I’m quite happy with the performance so far: 50,000 images imported per hour (off-the-shelf DC-X importer); includes […]