In April this year, we kicked off our DC Lab and set out to plan and build a new DC-X user interface, and to learn a lot on the way.

Ole Olsen, Pascal Rohde, Carsten Schütte, an external designer and I worked on the visual design together. After a few months, we had beautiful design drafts of the core functionality (including a mobile version).

Pascal and I built a rough but working prototype of the new UI for the World Publishing Expo in Vienna.

In November, two experts coached us, helping us define a modern and flexible software architecture for the frontend and backend (powered by the Symfony framework) – which we’re currently implementing.

We set up a Basecamp project to share more, earlier, with our customers and friends than we usually do. Your involvement and contributions are the most fun part of the “DC Lab” efforts – we’re deeply grateful for them!

Some time in 2017, a first version of the new DC-X UI is going to be rolled out to the first customers. To get there, we’ll have to invest a lot of time and thought. Even more importantly, we need you – the people who use our software to get their job done – to help us get all the details right. The new UI is going to have a limited feature set initially, but we want it to be useful and well-usable from the start, and we need your input on this. If you’re willing to participate in this process, please let us know!

Thanks so much for your interest in what we’re developing, and for your patience (things are always moving a bit slower than we’d hoped for) – we’ll keep you posted on our progress, and are looking forward to shaping the product together with you!