An unlimited number of publications can be set up in DC-X, along with metadata related to the publication itself (name, short name, platform, aggregation type, publisher, ISSN, eISSN, hierarchical list of sections/subsections or web channels).

A document can be assigned any number of publication data records so that you can track how often it has been published (or is being planned for publication). This record of course points to both a document and a publication, along with the following metadata from the PRISM 2.0 standard:

  • Cover date, cover display date
  • Publication date
  • Edition
  • Special issue
  • Volume, Number
  • Section, Subsection
  • Web channel
  • Starting page, Ending page, Page range
  • Kill date
  • Identifier / DOI
  • URL

DC-X has a couple of additional fields:

  • Status: „planned“, „published“ or other (customizable) states
  • Remark
  • Title
  • Revision (if multiple printed revisions of the same edition should be tracked)

There’s a standardized import format for getting PDF pages, articles, and media files into DC-X, along with accompanying publication metadata.

We’re still working on the user interface; it will be possible to search for and edit publication metadata, and to browse through a publication.

Differences compared to DC5: There was no ready-made publication data storage in DC5; this was subject to customizing. DC-X now has a standard way to do this which works out of the box and allows for much more metadata.

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