We’re currently working on a redesign of the DC-X user interface – while its backend has been quite stable for a while now, interface design has proven to be difficult and time-consuming.

It might be interesting to look at the design approaches that we threw away. Here’s the first draft from the end of 2007:


We thought it was too boring and came up with this design in 2008:


Before we had the time to polish or rethink that one, performance problems made us switch to a full Ajax interface. With only four weeks left until IFRA Expo 2008, we focused on making things work in the YUI framework, not taking much time for aesthetics:


This year, we finally spent some quality time with the design agency Port Digital working out an interface that looks better and is more usable. Here’s the current state of what we hope will be the final user interface design for DC-X 1.x… 🙂


A big Thank You goes to our customers, friends, Port Digital and Kai Pahl for their patience and inspiration!

What do you think – is there anything you like in the previous iterations? How do you like the latest design?

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    I really like the look and feel of the new interface! Well done! Taking customers needs and habits into consideration is normally very useful. Keep up the good work!

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