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The article Challenge of Scale Part 7 – Digital Asset Management by Real Story Group’s Theresa Regli reminds me that our DAM software DC-X is quite good at “scalability”. What does that mean? The article lists many challenges, here’s some notes on three aspects: The article talks of “hundreds of thousands or millions of digital […]

The „assets“ (as in „Digital Asset Management“), the main entities of any DAM system, are called „documents“ in DC-X: Database records containing text content along with structured metadata, and with zero or more attached files (stored in the filesystem, not in the database). All content is stored in Unicode, encoded as UTF-8, meaning that almost […]

[We’re currently preparing a Technical Whitepaper on our new DC-X product, and will write parts of it on this blog. Feedback is welcome. Please note: While we wouldn’t usually edit regular blog posts, we’ll probably modify the parts of this series regularly to mirror the evolving whitepaper.] This chapter summarizes the most important features and […]