Unser Software-Entwickler Tim Strehle ist einer von drei Sprechern in einem vom ‚DAM Guru program‘ angebotenen Webinar.

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember um 19 Uhr MEZ
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Das Webinar findet auf Englisch statt.

This DAM Guru Program member webinar provides DAM metadata geeks and techies with an overview of how digital asset management can benefit from Semantic Web concepts, and how real life DAM projects are already using them.

The Semantic Web, hyped a decade ago and long declared dead by many, has sneaked into everyday Web technology in the form of Linked Data, knowledge graphs and initiatives like schema.org.

Join Demian, Margaret and Tim as they offer attendees a better understanding of the various ways Semantic Web concepts relate to Digital Asset Management. They will highlight how to benefit from Linked Data using the DAM system you already have. Find out how existing DAM systems can evolve once they incorporate the fundamentals of Semantic Web.

Demian Hess and Margaret Warren have been DAM Guru Program members since April 2015 and Tim Strehle has been a DAM Guru member since March 2013. Connect with them on LinkedIn.